Diamond Facts

Unlock the potential of your technology with our Diamond.

Diamond is the singular most thermally conductive electrical insulator.

Diamond may become the ultimate semiconductor and optoelectronic material.

Diamond has a really high index of refraction.

Diamond is the hardest material.

Diamond transmits more of the electromagnetic spectrum than any other material.

Diamond-coated glass and plastic make the best scratch-proof eyeglasses, windows, display screens, and cockpit canopies

Diamond makes the sharpest, most durable tools: blades, borers, and grinders.

Diamond can now be molded and 3-D printed.

Diamond on diamond is the most slippery of interfaces.

Doped Diamond makes a great EMP shield.

Diamond windows have a critical application in lasers: welders, cutters, and weapons.

Ultrapure Diamond is now commercial.

Diamond is no longer an expensive, exotic material.

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